Live Your Best Life

I’ve been lucky enough in this lifetime to have been given a charm bracelet;  well,  actually two charm bracelets.

The first was a gift given to me by my husband on the occasions of our first wedding anniversary. So romantic.  It was a single gold link bracelet with one sentimental charm.  Over the years that bracelet has become laden with many more charms collected on travels near and far,  and it warms my heart to remember the the occasion of each purchase.

The second bracelet I inherited from my late mother.  So beautiful, heavily laden with charms collected over her lifetime of world travels with my father.

Each charm tells a story, and the entire bracelet tells a life. Life your best life. I do…. every day. 

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About Barbara Ashfield:

Here are my inspirations for living well and living with beauty – people, places, objects and moments. They make me see the elegant, and even the exotic, in the everyday and inspire me to infuse every day with elegance.